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In this world of nations, there are some people who are clearly a nation, but for various reasons are unable to live in a land that belongs to them.  Sometimes – as in South Sudan – there clearly isn’t a nation, however because of Great Power intervention you find their appearance, which is a shame because there are people who have suffered for decades fighting for the right to be free. So, yesterday’s announcement by the Arab League – which has suddenly become a force in international politics – that it will back the Palestinians in their fight to be recognised at the UN as a state is welcome news to those who have long believed that they have been appalling treated by first the UN who did not recognise that they lived on the land now called Israel and by the state itself which has used the symbols, traditions and history of the Jewish faith as a justification to massacre a defenceless civilian population.  A single day does not go by in the so-called Occupied territories when there isn’t an incident involving the most powerful army in the Middle East and the people it has held captive in West bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem.  This has never been a fair fight, which the Palestinians – despite the defiance and rhetoric of Hamas – have ever been able to win, which makes the intransigence of the European Union all the more disgusting and the announcement by the Barack Hussain Obama that he would never allow a Palestinian state come into being that much more heart breaking. America has never been a fair broker in this conflict – it knows that – and Obama knows also that he has let down everyone who cried on the day he became the first Black President of the world’s most powerful nation.

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