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The Senate Intelligence committee report looked at CIA Detention, Rendition and Intelligence programme from 2002 to 2007 when people were held in secret prisons around the world and tortured to extract intelligence.
The programme was closed by President Obama in 2009. The Senate had began the inquiry in March 2009 after an investigation into the CIA destroying videotapes of interrogations in December 2007.
The Torture Report looked at 20 cases and chairwoman Dianne Feinstein said the techniques ‘regularly led to information that was fabricated. ‘
One detention centre known as the Salt Pit in Afghanistan was described as a ‘dungeon ‘.
Techniques used in detention centres during the CIA programme included – waterboarding, sleep deprivation, slapping, humiliation, wallings and exposure to cold, placing people into ice water baths.
The Interrogations took place over days.
And despite knowing torture did not work before 9/11, the CIA continued to use them. The report found that using torture did not yield any ‘action able intelligence’. No imminent threat was found and the treatment had led to false information that was acted upon.
The treatment of Abu Zubaydah, August 4-21 2002, which had prompted the report into the CIA was described as non stop, his waterboarding was so severe at a detention centre in Thailand, he became ‘unresponsive with bubbles rising out of his mouth.’
Another suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded, received rectal hydration or feeding. He later retracted claims he made whilst under enhanced interrogation
At least 119 prisoners were detained in CIA secret prisons programme – 21 more than previously admitted with 26 wrongly imprisoned.
They had been held in detention centres in Thailand, Poland, Romania, Lithuania and other places before being ordered by George Bush to be transferred to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

CIA lied over ‘brutal’ interogations http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-30401100