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ANALYSIS – Some Americans have long complained that criticism of their country is motivated by pure envy. It is anti-American to utter any voice opposing a foreign policy that has interests in every corner of the globe. And those Americans that do – like the ones who appear on state-run RussiaToday – are portrayed with some justification as self hating do-gooders. The current assault on Gaza and America’s central role in it may change some of that. Washington’s position on Tel Aviv has been to use its veto as a permanent member of the UN security council to block any binding resolution on the security council against a nation that regards itself as special.  That has been the case since the six day war of 1967 when the speed of Israel’s victory convinced Washington that it was able to beat the Arab world singlehandedly and would thus be a reliable partner. That view was reinforced by Henry Kissinger during the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and has continued to this day. There have been low points, like after Sabra and Shatila, but this like any spats such as the one John Kerry is said to have had with Netanyahu’s cabinet during the last ‘peace’ initiatives achieve nothing unless America decides to rein in this rogue state which since 1967 has subjected the Palestinians to numerous massacres regardless of whether the Israeli governments are ‘dovish’ or ‘hawkish’. Palestinians have rights too, they exist and have a right to exist free of assault, blockade and humiliation. But Israel doesn’t want to hear it and as long as Washington gives her carte blanche this is a state of affairs that is going to continue for many more years to come – unless the world finds a way to circumvent the veto that the world’s most powerful nation exercises in support of Israel.