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ANALYSIS – Let me tell you a joke – better still you been watching it over the last two weeks on your television screens.  It’s called the BBC’s fair, impartial and balanced coverage of Israeli assault on Gaza. The facts speak for themselves – 833 Palestinians mostly civilians have perished as Israel punishes the people of Gaza yet again, for this is the third time that Tel Aviv has bombed from land, sea and air one of the most crowded areas on earth. Some three thousand five hundred civilians have been injured and let’s not forget that at least one child every hour has died. And yet it’s Israel according to the BBC who is protecting itself against militants who fire primitive rockets that often miss.  Three Israeli civilians have died as a result and for that some 833 and counting have been slaughtered. Hamas we are told are terrorists and hide weapons behind children, never mind the disproportionate response to a threat that is nothing like as lethal as that of a nuclear armed hitech army that developed those awful drones. Never mind also that Israel has increased the ferocity of its campaign ever since the day Hamas and the other groups inflicted more 70 than casualties including injuries on it’s army at Shejaija.  Never mind that it even bombs UN shelters that are meant to protect civilians who have no where to go. For Israel, the BBC informs us, has a right to exist. The BBC has informed us that this is Israel’s seventy year war, it’s their war for independence. Yet, it has failed to acknowledge how Israel got into the position of declaring independence in 1948 – terrorism, that vicious armed groups like the Stern gang, Irgun and a wanted man called Menachem Begin who masterminded the bombing of the King David Hotel and instigated the killing of a British diplomat, perpetrated against defenceless civilians called the Palestinians driving them away from their homes and creating the situation we have now – a people without a land, strangers in a country that is theirs.

Israel is a settler state, a colonising power that is engaged in a racist campaign against the people of historic Palestine. The fact that the people who live in that entity are Jews makes their actions even more horrendous and ghastly and should not be a reason to blindly support them.