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Results from this week’s local and European elections show that Labour is by no means home and dry when it comes to a return to No 10 and the seat of government. Activists and commentators have all offered their opinions as to why Ed Miliband’s party has not made the impact that some expect would be needed considering the coalition government is now into its fourth year of painful austerity cuts.
Some have criticised the leader for his lack of flair, others say the British public do not believe the political system will improve their lives. All this may be true.ย  However, it is now clear that the age of a single party making sweeping election gains en route to the top job is over.ย  Coalition government is the way of the future and with that in mind, Labour will clearly have to work with the Lib Dems who have been crucified at the elections for their decision to side with the Tories in 2010, and with UKIP who articulate widespread concern about immigration but who are not strong enough to dislodge the Lib Dems as the third party either.