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Israel has always claimed that the Arab World is using the Palestinian issue to divert international attention from problems within their own countries.
Never has that accusation rang truer than it does today.
As the unelected President of what remains of the West Bank sits down to face his long standing enemy, the democratically elected Prime Minister of Israel, the Arab League has rejected any notion that Israel has a right to exist. This, they hope will strengthen Mahmood Abbas’ hand around the negotiating table. The corrupt and incompetent Palestinian Authority is militarily irrelevant, politically and morally bankrupt and is backed by an organisation not one of whom is a democracy, that even if all the members were join together would be unable defeat Israel on the battlefield. And let’s not forget the kangaroo court in Egypt that recently handed out a mass death sentence to 529 political opponents on top of massacring thousands as its military toppled a democratically elected President. This is an Egyptian state whose blatant actions are even embarrassing Washington and in doing so have managed to make Israel’s appalling treatment of the Palestinians look civilised. So, the question is why this charade when it clearly won’t achieve anything and when it is only delaying the inevitable – the need for Tel Aviv to accept Hamas and negotiate with the Palestinians on equal terms.