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In Egypt today a court is trying the head of the country’s Muslim Brotherhood along with 682 others whose only crime is that they supported the ousted democratically elected President Mohamedย  Morsi, Below. This news follows the announcement yesterday that 529 Muslim Brotherhood supporters had been sentenced to death by an Egyptian court. Whilst in Bangladesh, the highly dubious war crimes tribunal which has already hanged a leader of the Jamaat e Islami, an off shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, has recommended that the largest Islamic organisation in the country be banned. And further to this, Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi Kingdom who arguably created al Qaeda through its questionable interpretation of Islamic law, has banned the Muslim Brotherhood. The Gulf states have all followed Egypt’s lead in decaring the world’s largest non violent political Muslim organisation to be terrorists at a time when the chances of a democracy in those lands are more remote now than ever.ย  It is clear that there’s an attempt to crush the Muslim Brotherhood in countries that are aligning themselves to the West. Perhaps, that is a condition of such an alliance.ย  If that is the case, then this is a mistake for as Russia is now showing the West has lost all credibility when it comes to informing other nations of their obligations under international law – especially given its own reckless behaviour, and the actions of its allies whose kangaroo courts make a mockery of the modern world and its institutions.