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Egypt attacks on military07-10-13TEMPLATE ANALYSIS

Yesterday, Egypt’s army celebrated ‘victory’ in the Yom Kippur war of 1973.  Historians and outside observers may beg to differ on the actual outcome of that conflict. But as a day of celebration was announced by state TV, the army continued with its present war, the one on its own citizens, namely Egyptians who are angered by the ousting of President Morsi, and who feel powerless as the Muslim Brotherhood is banned and the country moves back to rule by the army generals.

The Muslim Brotherhood who won a general election a year ago, have to continued to call for peaceful protests, despite losing hundreds, possibly thousands of its own supporters to an army that has used live ammunition aimed straight into crowds.

The Muslim Brotherhood have continued to call for peaceful protest.

But there are signs that their calls are being ignored.

At least nine soldiers and police men were killed in separate attacks today in southern Sinai and the Suez Canal city of Ismailiya.

And a rocket-propelled grenade was fired at a state-owned satellite station in the Maadi suburb of Cairo, reportedly causing damage to a satellite dish. This is the same state TV that has been denouncing the Muslim Brotherhood since Morsi’s removal for ruining the country.

Attacks on the security services in the Sinai are of course nothing.

But today’s attacks appear to have a degree of coordination – if only loosely, and this is how insurgencies come into being, slowly with apparently random attacks.

Yesterday, dozens were killed or injured as demonstrators were attacked by the Egyptian military.

Someone – for no one has claimed responsibility yet – decided to respond.

Egypt’s military says the attacks were the work of the Muslim Brotherhood. And that can only mean further repression of the largest political and social organisation in Egypt.