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Egypt 14-08-13 army fires at ProtestsTEMPLATE ANALYSIS

Britain has condemned the barbaric actions of Egypt’s Security Forces in the strongest possible terms, whilst in Washington whose government provides 1.2 billion dollars in aid, most of which goes to the very military that is employing machine gunfire, snipers and tear gas on its own people, there’s a reported air of resignation, that this was bound to happen.

Words, or worse still passive acceptance of the unfolding massacre in Cairo, will not do – not if Western governments ever want to be taken seriously went they decide to lecture others about human rights or attempt to seek allies in future interventions on humanitarian missions.

Islamists – including the Muslim Brotherhood – won 75 per cent of the vote in the country’s first ever election.

The army, backed by groups who had everything to lose by allowing a party whose sole cause is greater social justice to prosper overthrew them, caged the elected President, opened fire directly into crowds from the first day of protests against the coup and are now committing murder against its own people.

Some have said this is Algeria all over again, it is worse.

Of all the Arab countries in turmoil – Iraq, Gaza, Syria, Libya – Egypt looks the most likely to go the way of Sudan.

And if no one acts now, Egypt will collapse into at least two, the elite backed by the army and the Islamists.

And that could be three, if the Christians feel they are better protected by outside Western powers rather than the blood-stained armed forces of Cairo.