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_68467682_68467681TEMPLATE ANALYSIS

In 1992, the Algerian military fearing the establishment of an Islamist government canceled the country’s elections. The Military also banned the group that had won the first two rounds of the democratic process, namely the Front Islamique du Salut.

As a result, the country was plunged into civil war that resulted in the deaths of some 100, 000 people.

Already, there are echoes of that bloody conflict in the chaos that is becoming known as Egypt.

This time, the Islamist government of Mohamed Morsi was allowed to the win the country’s elections. However, a year into his Presidency and there are already crowds demanding that he leave.

If the crowds at Tahrir Square don’t get their way, there are some predicting that there will be violence.

If the government of Mohamed Morsi is not allowed to serve its full term, then that will be to the detriment of the democracy in Egypt, the laboratory from where the Arab Spring was created.

And it will also send a signal to the young in the Arab world, many of whom support Islamist movements, that democracy, the greatest political idea invented by man, is a sham.