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UKIP are the sensation of the 2013 Council Elections.

Their leader, Nigel Farage hailed the results, in which his party took over 140 seats and 25% of the vote in wards, as a ‘game changer’.

And he may not be wrong – all of the mainstream parties, not just the Tories, need to take note of this party, and why so many people chose to vote for them.

For immigration is no longer an issue for the racist BNP, but part of mainstream political discourse.

UKIP’s showing in this election has made sure of that.

All of the parties can no longer stand aloof of this issue, for Farage is no Nick Griffin.

It will not do for David Cameron to make increasing right-wing speeches or to create headline grabbing media events, people on the street need to see concrete results. As for Ed Milliband, well he is going to have explain to voters how the benefits of EU membership outweigh its main disadvantage – immigration with the promise of more next year especially from Bulgaria and Romania.