New York Times reports that Libyan officials are claiming that Bani Walid is now under government control, click here

However, it also reports:

“Many militias attacking Bani Walid were from Misurata, the coastal western city that endured a punishing assault by Qaddafi forces during the uprising, and whose fighters have been quick to retaliate — often brutally — against loyalist towns.

“In the most notorious episodes, fighters from Misurata drove every last resident from the neighboring town of Tawergha, which was used as a staging ground for the Qaddafi forces’ assault on Misurata.

“In racist slogans painted on the emptied houses of Tawergha’s black residents, Misuratan fighters warned their neighbors never to return.

“The siege of Bani Walid began in September. In a statement on Wednesday, Human Rights Watch, citing local doctors, said at least seven civilians had been killed and more than 60 people wounded in fighting before the government’s latest assault, which began last week.” (NEW YORK TIMES, 24-10-12)

Click here for RussiaToday which reports that 600 were killed in a day and that militias have entered Bani Walid, where there is now a humanitarian crisis.

It also reports that the US blocked a draft Russian UN Resolution that called for a peaceful solution to the siege of Bani Walid.  (RT, 25-1012)

Click here for RT report