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Malala Yousafzai the fourteen-year-old schoolgirl shot by Tareeqi-Taliban gunmen in northwest Pakistan is making good progress in a Birmingham hospital, and is according to the medical director of that hospital “every bit as strong was we were led to believe. “

The teenager, from the once serene and peaceful Swat Valley has become something of a celebrity for her simple stand – namely that girls should be allowed to go to school.

Trouble with that is of course, too many people have an interest in making political capital out of this simple request – the President of Pakistan who like every leader of this country has done little in terms of investing in the education of all children, never mind girls, and outside powers like the US and UK who have made education for girls and women rights an ideological part of their brutal war in Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

Then, there is of course the gun men who shot this little girl.

The Prophet of Islam championed women’s rights at a time when female babies were being buried alive.

It was he who also once said you can always judge the character of a man from the health of his wife.

Aisha, the Prophet’s last wife, who no doubt is a bit of heroine to Malala, was a strong, independent woman, who was also the source for the Quran and Hadith.

And she also famously led an army into battle.

Malala Yousafza will not need to that, however she will achieve her dream  – in spite of her friends and enemies.