No one won in today’s verdict at Chester Crown Court.

Not the parents of Shafilea Ahmed who have lost liberty as well as their daughter.

Nor the remaining children, one of whom was the chief prosecution witness.

That her parents were acting out of a sense of duty to their family is something that has been highlighted through out this case, from the day when the wayward teenager went missing.

That sense of honour was of course misplaced and resulted in them committing murder.

Although, this was a criminal act, Shafilea’s parents were not criminals.

They felt they were doing the best they could for their daughter who they do still love.

Trouble is we live in a culture where children are encouraged to rebel against their parents, and often that rebellion leads to actions that affects their long-term health and welfare.

The streets of Britain are full of such sad souls

Often they have been thrown out, sometimes they simply have run away.

In this case, Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed just wanted their daughter to stay.