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Islam puts a high value on human life.

Save one life, and it said that you save mankind.

So, the video of the cold-blooded execution of Syrian soldiers by rebels puts lie to not only any claim that these men are fighting for justice, but also for Islam.

One analyst claimed the rebels’ actions were a response to a previous slaughter of their men.

Of course, no one can ever check that is true, or that the slaughter ever happened.

What we do know is that the rebels have been conducted arbitrary executions, which have been posted on youtube, although they have until now been ignored.

The trouble is the rebels are conducting these massacres without any authority.

Say what you like about Assad’s regime, however his army hasn’t behaved with such callous brutality.

That’s because the Syrian army are a disciplined unit and the men being championed by Britain, France, US and Turkey are, like their counterparts in Libya, nothing more than thugs.