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Adam was the first Prophet of God, and Muslims believe that Muhammed was the last.  What the last Prophet of God would have made of the images that emerged from outside Kabul yesterday, one can never really know.

My guess is that a man who was comfortable in the company of women, who actively encouraged women to be firm in their opinions, and who fell in love with a strong woman fifteen years his senior, would have been as horrified as everyone else with the video that was posted online.

The 22-year-old woman was crouched with her back to her executioners, before being shot. That action was also accompanied with the words ‘Allah -o-Akbar’.

The video with its chilling echo of that execution in a stadium of a woman in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan more than a decade ago is of course a reminder of many things – the brutality of a culture marked by decades of senseless war, the fact that men from certain cultures still have not learned to behave in a civilised, (with akale) manner, etc, etc.

Perhaps, the most depressing thing though is that the Taliban don’t seemed to have learned from being in the wilderness for more than a decade.

The best thing they could do is to look at the Hadith of the Prophet, which clearly documents HOW a Muslim should treat a woman.