mapEuropean naval forces have conducted their first raid into Somalia, saying they were attacking pirate bases.
The EU forces were transported by helicopter to the bases near the port of Haradhere, which has been reported to have been used by pirates.

The attack was carried out overnight and, according to the European forces, no Somalis were hurt during the action.

Multinational forces used helicopters along with two warships to leave five of the pirates’ fast attack craft “inoperable”.

The European naval mission statement said: “The focused, precise and proportionate action was conducted from the air and all forces returned safely to EU warships on completion”.

The operation had been carried out with the full support of the Somali government after extensive surveillance, a spokesman added.

Bile Hussein, a pirate commander, told the Reuters news agency that speed boats, fuel depots and an arms store had been targeted.

“They destroyed our equipment to ashes. It was a key supplies centre for us.”