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FA Chairman David Bernstein confirmed that only one club was approached for the position of England manager and that the decision to appoint Roy Hodgson was based on his experience and how he had performed with the resources available at club level, as well as international level, which the FA believes means that he will make the transition from Club manager to England coach.

Bernstein mentioned Stuart Pearce, but did not refer to the public’s choice of Harry Redknapp.

He did say that there was a shortlist of more than two people, and that West Bromwich had asked for Hodgson to remain their coach for the last two games of the Premier League.

He said that the FA had decided on Hodgson a month ago and would not discuss any other name for the position.

Adding that he was only the only England manager to come to the position with international and tournament football experience.

Roy Hodgson said he has moved forward from the unhappy time he had as coach of Liverpool.

When asked about his decision to play in apartheid South Africa forty years ago, he said he had made that decision on football reasons and that he detested the regime.

Hodgson said that he had received a voice mail message from Harry Redknapp congratulating him on his appointment and hoped they would remain friends and not rivals.