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ANALYSIS – On Sunday, Jenson Button called for the Bahrain Grand Prix to be held this year despite anti-government protests which began in February 2011.

Of course, it could not be held last year, because then, Bahraini Security forces killed nearly 50 people because they were simply demanding the right to decide who makes the decisions that affects their lives.

A reminder of what it is like to be a Bahraini citizen in the year 2012 came when four members of the Formula One team, Force India, were caught up in a petrol bomb incident in Manama.

They escaped, after all they have the luxury to do so.

However for everyone else, violence has continued as those who seek a democratic future for their nation are met with machine gun fire, tear gas, and torture – all with the blessing of the British government.

Along with Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, this is where the Arab Spring, Islamic Awakening, is really happening.

The ruling Khalifa family, like other corrupt dynasties, are finding that well-travelled, highly educated mainly young, Arab, Muslims want in their own countries what they have seen in western Europe.

Those who are seeking to contain this phenomenon through invasions and insurgencies in Libya and Syria are going to fail in the long run, for those who are on the streets are very determined – and in the right.

And those who are attempting to foment sectarian  conflict by arguing that this is a Shia-uprising are missing the point also – this is an Arab revolution which has been inspired by the ideas of the Iranian Revolution, namely that there is no difference between Sunni and Shia.

Of course, this is all going to take time.

As for the Grand Prix, well would you run any sports event in Syria?