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No Regrets.. 

Jose Mourinho said he was a player that could not be coached.

So, with Manchester City eight points adrift of their fierce rivals, and with that kamikaze striker Mario Balotelli facing the prospect of a nine-match ban some are asking what Roberto Mancini was thinking in hiring the mercurial Italian in the first place.

Well, Balotelli is a wayward talent, who let down his side in the last minutes of that crucial match with Arsenal on Sunday with a completely unnessary foul.

Earlier in the season, with City cruising at the top, his antics could be tolerated even raising a chuckle or two, for the game of football needs characters and this exceptionally talented player is certainly that.

Events of the last month have however changed the landscape, and even the usually calm Mancini is buckling under the pressure.

City are by no means finished, if we have learned anything about the League this year is that being top doesn’t stop you from being beaten by anyone, and Manchester United are by no means invincible.

Some are predicting a mass clear out at the need of the season, starting with the eviction of Mancini as coach.

Well that would be a mistake, City will have learned from this, and they will come back next season a much tougher team – mentally.

No doubt some players will leave, to let go Balotelli however would be a mistake for he has all the makings of a future Eric Cantona.

At the moment, he needs a firm hand perhaps from the owner for Balotelli is a wayward talent, who could like Cantona earn himself a reputation of being a flawed genius.

That is not going happen though, if no one is prepared to put up with him.