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One by one the mega-stars of the eighties are leaving us – no one can still believe Michael Jackson is dead, unfortunately the same could not be said of the super glamorous Whitney Houston whose death yesterday if not that unexpected, is still as sad anyway.

In today’s age of heavy marketing and even heavier hype, it is easy to forget that it is talent that propels human beings into the league of gods, stars who grace our culture as a powerful reminder of the beauty of the human spirit.

Whitney Houston had it all, a truly great voice one that stopped you in your tracks, no amount  of voice training or voice altering could create that, it simply came from within her, the beauty that was inside and simply radiated to the rest of us who are mere mortals.

It is often said that you have to be tough to make it through the music business, this was true of the guitar genius that was Jimi Hendrix and it was also sadly true for the 48-year-old Whitney Houston.

That she was let down by people is probably true.

Unfortunately, had she been more savvy it would have been to the detriment of her own incredible talent.