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As missiles fire into besieged city of Homs, someone cries out where is the world, where is America, they are killing us.

It is powerful image, and one that I watched on Sky News this morning before leaving for work.

Activists of this type have become a regular feature of this conflict in Syria, pleading to the world on the behalf of…well exactly who and who exactly who are they?

That there is conflict in Syria is without a shadow of doubt, news that Aleppo has also been struck by ‘terrorists’ comes on the back of attacks in Damascus proper.

The opposition that is recognised by Turkey say they will do to Asad, what was done to Colonel Gaddafi which probably one of the reasons that China and Russia in particular have taken their stand.

International Law is not conducted like this, and you can’t cherry pick your favourite cause – where were for instance the ‘activists’ when America was storming the defiant city of Falluja, shortly after George Bush was re-elected?