With the airstrikes over and the hated dictator dead, what does Libya now look like?

Two recent broadcasts offer a clue – on Sunday’s RussiaToday, a report carried the concerns of ordinary citizens wondering where their next meal would come.

Libyans under Colonel Gaddafi had the highest living standards in Africa and despite what was said of him, the colonel did look after his people, now if RussiaToday are to be believed they have been left to fendย for themselves.

Of course, the state-run broadcaster did run a similar line with the ousting of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, problem with this claim was that Egypt had not prospered under his iron-grip.

What is harder to dismiss is the admission by a member by the National Transitional Council of Libya, immediately after the capture of Saif-ul-Islam that the son of the fallen dictator could not be transferred to Tripoli because the capital was “of course” over-run by gangs of armed men.