Iranian-owned PressTV has just broadcast the first pictures of the drone that it says was American and had violated her airspace.

At first sight, the downed drone which apparently passes with out detection by any radar system looks like something from a bad B-movie.

The drone had been used to monitor Osama bin Laden’s phonecalls, before he was assassinated.

And no doubt countries like Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen will be interested in taking a good look at this advanced stealth pilotless drone that has caused such carnage in their lands.

The Americans are reported to have said that they doubt whether the Iranians will be able to make much use of the sophisticated technology which they say is beyond their capabilities.

The use of drones has become a disturbing new trend in this war.

In a sense the first use of new technology for the purposes of state assassination came during Russia’s own war on terrorism, when the Chechen leader Dhokhar Dudayev was killed by a precision guided missile after making a mobile phone call.

It was disturbing then, and remains so with every new strike launched from an airbase in a foreign land.