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America and her allies are losing the war in Afghanistan.

In the latest incident, gunmen have targeted the US embassy as well as Isaf’s headquarters.

Other ‘spectaculars’ include the attack on a US base on September 11 which killed two civilians and injured 77 US soldiers.

The Taliban had marked another anniversary in equally deadly manner when it attacked the British Council on the day some eighty years or so back when Imperial Britian was evicted from Afghanistan.

And there was the downing of that helicopter -which turned to be carrying a number of the special forces responsible for the assassination of Osama Bin laden in Pakistan.

Each attack is met with a fresh line from the occupying powers.

This time, it is the ability of Afghan soldiers to maintain the peace after the departure of Isaf.

America and her allies are losing this war.

The sooner they realise this the better for everyone – including the Afghan civilians who have suffered the most from this decade-long war.