So the phone hacking saga has claimed its first victim with the death of Sean Hoare, the journalist who first  said that his editor, Andy Coulson, had known of phone hacking going on at the News of World.

Shades of Dr David Kelly – perhaps.

During my travels, I was lucky enough to meet Sean, and probably like everyone, did not have a bad thing to say about him, he was that kind of bloke – down to earth, always have time for you. I wasn’t a friend so I could tell what was troubling him, but I suspect that he was suffering from that emptiness that those of who work in newspapers have often felt.

The longer you let it fester, the harder it is to overcome.

There will be those hardened hacks who will dismiss this as nonsense, however, if they are reallly honest, they know what journalists like Sean and Christopher Morgan of The Sunday Times went through everyday.