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Tuesday, the eleventh of September, 2001, is often referred to as the day that the world changed.

Assymetric warfare, it was commonly heard, had come of its own.

Well looking at the world some ten years on from that dark day, and you can see the world’s remaining superpower engaged in a vicious war to control possibly the poorest country on earth. And that is not all, her soldiers are being killed in Iraq once again after a lull of a kind for some two years or so as the lone superpower refuses to accept the wishes of the politicians it put into place, to withdraw her remaining troops.

Yesterday, there were secret talks with another third world nation whose capital, Tripoli has been pounded by Nato bombing for what seems an eternity.

Then there are the undeclared wars, drone strikes in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, which are killing and harming more civilians than they are any militants.

How many human beings have suffered as a result of the actions of eighteen murderers and how many more will pay the price?

Perhaps, 9/11 was not the year the world changed, but rather the year the world went zero.