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 Lone Voice

Former MP Tony Benn said: “Brian felt so strongly about the war that he set up a stand outside Parliament. I went up to him to speak to him, after that he would ring me from time to time when he was being hassled by the police. He often appeared at press conferences attended by foreign journalists, and became known within the Middle East as a man of peace in Westminster. His protest annoyed the government because they did not like to be reminded of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and they often tried to get him moved out of Westminster. He was suffering from cancer, but did not choose to be treated in Britain because he did not want to make a political point of his treatment. He was a very principled man and when I was at Westminster,  I would go up to talk to him. I will always remember seeing him outside parliament on his one man protest. Brian was a very, very intelligent man.”

(Interviewed by Nayab Chohan)