Someone’s not happy

If state owned RussiaToday are to be believed they get many million hits on their website every day. Their site which has featured some great video postings including the anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, as well as the now legendary Max Keisar who has been fated by many internet fans including Greek bloggers who wanted to make him their boss, is according to Russia Today being targeted by no less a person as Hilary Clinton. The US Secretary of State believes that the America is losing all the powerful propaganda war to amongst others, Russia, China and Iran.

The internet and how to use it to get your own way is still an area that is baffling media barons and great powers alike.

Video postings if they are compulsive viewing like Max Keisar will always attract fans, whether the organisations promoting him, which also includes Iran’s PressTV, will find their point of view becoming the dominant voice in this arena of many voices is another thing though.