Bernanke: Man for the Job?

 Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, financial publications have seen a growth in sales and subscriptions as everyone whether the bloke in the street or the professional all scramble to find out what is going on and could happen next. Everyday the FT flags up a guest interviewer normally on its back page. What this does is take the reader out of the dry print of the news pages to bring to life some of the issues and debates currently at the heart of the financial world. With this in mind, the Lex column which is easily the most informative and engaging part of the newspaper opened a debate on the so-called Volcker rule on its video page which was flagged up on the front page. America’s economy and how to deal with her multi trillion dollar debt has been the issue engaging economists and media pundits alike. Those who argue that Paul Volcker, the man his fans say steered his country out of the last recession during the Reagan era, believe that this is the man to the do the job again. They lament the fact that Barack Obama has not given him the position currently being occupied by Ben Bernanke who famously said that he would print money regardless of the consequences and was quite prepared to drop this paper money from a helicopter in the sky.

www.ftcom/lexvideo Lex:Volcker rule. Are the key issues being addressed?

Posted by Nayab Chohan